Governor Christie returned to New Jersey for his 96th town hall of the year Thursday, fresh off a two-day campaign trip for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Governor Chris Christie
Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

While the Republican talked about his out of state appearances, Democrats hammered the Governor for his absenteeism.

Christie has criss-crossed the country over the last week, making campaign stops for GOP candidates in Washington, North Dakota, Montana, Michigan and Ohio.

"Damn its good to be back. Being on the bus after being on the bus after two days in Ohio with Mitt Romney convinces me more and more that I made the right decision not running for President, its crazy out there, it really is" said Christie.

The Governor said he remains focused on the administration's middle-class reform agenda, which includes a tax cut, ending sick leave payouts for public employees, ethics reform and shared services.

"These are the things that are left undone to try and address the squeeze on the middle-class in this state."

"People around the country ask about what's going on here in New Jersey and its not all about me..the media likes to think its about me..but its about what we're doing as a state, the issues that we're accomplishing, its that stuff that's getting people excited" Christie added.

But Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) continues to criticize Christie's out of state trips.

"At a time when nearly one in every ten New Jerseyans is unemployed, Chris Christie would rather bolster his national profile instead of focusing on New Jersey's struggling economy. Chris Christie seems desperate to flee from New Jersey's fourth-worst-in-the-country unemployment rate, but New Jersey needs a governor devoted to helping the middle-class, not on advancing his own national political ambitions."

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