Again, I'll start with ... check your freezer! There's a Listeria scare involving frozen vegetables and fruits that's really widened in scope. The voluntary recall now includes 42 separate brands, for a total of more than 300 products!

A Listeria scare widens a frozen food recall to over 40 brands (Thinkstock)

Trader Joe's, Earth's Pride and McCain are just a few I recognize as local to New Jersey, plus Costco brands like Organic By Nature. This involves both organic and non-organic items. Basically, check everything out with the FDA recall list, to be sure.

A Listeria scare widens a frozen food recall to over 40 brands (Thinkstock)

The nationwide (all 50 states) recall stems from a Washington state facility for CRF Frozen Foods.  The CDC notes eight cases of illness have been linked to this recall, though only two were reported this year. The others date back as far as 2013. Two of those patients later died, but Listeria was not considered to be the cause.

It seems like we're dealing with these types of cross-product recalls way too often. As a mom and someone who already likes to "buy local", it's definitely another reason why Jersey Fresh is an excellent choice. It's also more incentive to finally try growing that family garden I (and maybe you!) have toyed around with.

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