Last year I brought you the story about my new friend Martino Cartier who owns a farm in South Jersey that he's turned into a retreat for kids suffering from terrible diseases and women battling cancer.

His charity, Wigs & Wishes, has helped thousands of people in need.

In addition to running the fast-growing organization and continuing to perform as an expert stylist, he's also a TV personality on the Home Shopping Network, now known as HSN.

Well, he did appear, until recently.

According to Martino and his attorney, he's suing for a significant amount of money because HSN has banned him from representing the clients he's worked with for many years. And even the models allegedly involved in the inappropriate behavior are backing Martino's claims!

Here's a summary from Martino's attorney, Sam Fineman:

1. Martino is suing HSN for banning him from the network and defaming him to his business partners. Martino acts as an on-air presenter and personality for brands, such as Gabor. Martino works for the brands, not HSN. So HSN was never in a position to fire him. HSN told his brands that he could no longer appear on HSN.


2. Martino did nothing wrong. He did not touch anyone inappropriately nor was he inebriated on air. The models who appeared with him the entire day and night of taping back him up. This case is very interesting in that every second of air time is available for review in the complaint and on YouTube. So if listeners don’t believe Martino, go and watch the footage.


3. This behavior is the product of cancel culture and wokeness. For his entire career, Martino has had a high-energy extroverted persona. He’s a hugger and in his profession, it’s required to touch the subject’s hair, shoulders, face and neck area. This is what stylists do. HSN, the network that recognized Martino as “Entertainer of the Year” for essentially being his best self, is now destroying his television career and depriving him millions in revenue which has also impacted Martino’s wonderful charity, Wigs & Wishes.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Sam here:

And with Martino here:

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