Asbury Park's Tilly Garcia was honored when selected her as New Jersey's representative for its "Instagram Photographers to Follow in all 50 States."

Time said Garcia had a "decadent aesthetic," flooding her feed with "with natural shots of velvety flowers, handmade gothic ornaments, and the romantic and supernatural allure of faded and mysterious books." It asn't the first time she'd been selected as an Instagrammer to watch — Buzzfeed took note of her a few months ago, too.

Here's just little of her work:

So we got to wondering, what Instagrammers does one of N.J.'s top Instagrammers enjoy? We asked Garcia and she was glad to share:

Vibrant feed of healing crystals, plantlife & antiques beside lovely handmade jewelry crafted by Ana from N.J.

Snapshots of everyday beauty around NJ with a focus on natural light shot by photographer and graphic designer Catherine Elena

Haunting images of an old soul with an affinity for the macabre and the delicacy in textiles and nature composed by artist Crystal Lee Lucas from N.J.

Self portraits of elegant Segovia Amil with glimpses of nature in desaturated tones beside her beautiful original poetry.

A bewitching greyscale feed featuring artists & authors with a surreal heirloom aesthetic curated by JL Schnabel, writer and creator of bloodmilk jewelry.

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