Hirsh Singh is a rising star in the Republican Party in New Jersey. He's gonna have to get through a contested primary as many candidates are lining up for a shot at the "most popular politician" in Jersey.

Of course if we're being honest, Cory Booker has never accomplished anything significant in any of the jobs he's held. He's a glad handler and a guy that just wants to make friends. Good for him, but he doesn't belong in Washington with so many serious decisions that need to be made for our future. He's a story teller and a fake, remember T-Bone?

The challenge in NJ is so few people turn out to the polls either because they're busy or worse, they've given up. Hirsh Singh sounds like the kind of candidate who can energize people to see the opportunity to turn our state around. A good first step would be sending Cory Booker home.

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