Can Donald Trump win New Jersey? Why not? Eric Trump certainly thinks so.

President Trump’s son, Eric, joined us on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Tuesday morning to discuss this very possibility.

We covered everything from the absurdity and fraud potential with forced mail-in voting and the rising crime in our streets from NYC to Portland. As I mentioned, in football, it’s any given Sunday that a team can upset the oddsmakers and make history. In politics, it’s any given Tuesday. New Jersey voters certainly lean left and solidly support the Democratic Party, at least according to the registration numbers. But as Eric and I discussed Tuesday, times are changing and many people, both Republicans and Democrats, are sick and tired of political talking points and hyperpartisan bullying.

It’s time to vote your conscience and your future. If you believe that our taxes are too high and government has nothing but contempt for working and middle class families, it’s time to vote against the status quo in New Jersey. If you believe that the teachers union actually runs the Democratic Party in Jersey and has prioritized union bureaucrats at the expense of teachers, kids and parents, it’s time to vote against the status quo in Jersey. If you believe that NJ has been held hostage to a radical agenda that has nothing to do with helping and empowering families and small businesses who have played by the rules and done everything right, it’s time to vote against the status quo.

The bottom line is that we are never stuck voting for anyone simply because that is what is expected by the media and pollsters. Donald Trump showed that in 2016 and I believe he’ll show it again in 2020. For New Jersey’s part, despite how terrible the local GOP is and has been for years, the majority Democrats and the governor have been very bad for our state. We are lagging behind the rest of the nation in anything resembling an economic recovery. We are paying more for services, which we are no longer even getting, than any other state in the nation. And we have a governor who is more interested in playing favorites to the mob and special interests.

I’ve been involved and around New Jersey politics and business for decades. I’ve never seen a government made up of of so many weak, selfish policy makers on both sides of the aisle. They make their money, raise your taxes and then scream crisis so you can never fully recover from the economic beating. Have you had enough? I have. I hope every Bernie Sanders voter who rightfully felt disenfranchised by the corrupt elites who run the national Democratic Party decide to fight back. Walk away, cross over and vote for Trump. If we can show that NJ can reject the status quo and come out from under the boot of corruption that has been crushing us for decades, then maybe we’re ready to take the next step and send Murphy and his cohorts packing in 2021 as well. Let’s see how bad we want our state back.

The election is only 60 days away.

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