Some government officials are once again trying to give driver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally, with Ray Lesniak attempting to model New Jersey after California. Not everyone supports giving non-citizens a government-issued I.D. though.

Karen from Piscataway was among many callers frustrated about this idea, and said she recently moved here from California, where the state takes care of the large immigrant population.

"California has taken care of illegal aliens from day one. I can't tell you how many times they got benefits," said Karen. "Why is it that someone who crosses this border, I pay for their benefits, and my son can't go to college. But if you're illegal, you can go to college for free and boldly announce it?"

Obviously there's always an emotional discussion surrounding this topic, which makes it difficult for people to assess the reality of the what a law like this could cause.

Karen argued that illegal aliens are going to drive regardless of whether they have a license, so if you allow them to receive state I.D., then they might at least have to be registered to pay some kind of taxes or auto insurance.

But there's a lot at stake here. According to Eric Scott, the New Jersey license is one of the most secure forms of identification in the world, and allowing undocumented immigrants to receive this form of I.D. would jeopardize the quality and value of that security.

There are rules, and they need to be followed whether or not we want to show compassion to outsiders. We're not saying close American borders, we're saying respect them, because they help make America great.

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