I didn't see this coming, but with all the music Bruce Springsteen has done for movies it should surprise no one. The legendary New Jersey rocker dropped a new song this week that's being used for the end credits of a new romance-comedy.

The song is "Addicted to Romance" and the movie, "She Came to Me,” stars another Jersey guy, Peter Dinklage.

The movie was just screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Marisa Tomei and Anne Hathaway also star.

Dinklage plays a classical music composer dealing with writer's block. As far as Bruce getting involved?

Writer and director Rebecca Miller explains:

"For the end of "She Came to Me," we wanted an original song. I had a secret wish it might be Bruce, but I was reluctant to ask because I felt it was so unlikely, and frankly I was a bit shy.


(Composer) Bryce Dessner encouraged me to ask—he was sure Bruce would love the film, so I approached him. Bruce and (his wife Patti Scialfa) ended up watching the film, and, to my delight, they both loved it!


Bruce said he’d take a few days to see if anything came to him for a song. Miraculously, “Addicted to Romance” was the result. He says he was inspired by the film, which is a great honor for me.”

As far as other movies with great Springsteen songs — where do I begin?

In no particular order, there was "Streets of Philadelphia" for the movie "Philadelphia" about a gay lawyer with AIDS.

Tom Hanks starred as the stricken man suing his law firm for firing him and Denzel Washington as the homophobic lawyer to take his case. Springsteen won an Academy Award for this song.

Anyone remember "Dead Man Walking" about the man on death row starring Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon? Bruce did "Dead Man Walkin'" for that film.

Then there was "Secret Garden" used in "Jerry Maguire."

Okay last one. Maybe the best one. "The Wrestler" for the Mickey Rourke movie by the same name. Shot almost entirely right here in New Jersey, too.

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