BRIDGETON — A glass company worker says he was wrongfully fired for using medically prescribed marijuana to treat his chronic illness.

Joseph Cobb III has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Bridgeton-based Ardagh Glass. He says he was let go despite his "stellar work performance." He's seeking compensatory and punitive damages, and says the company did not accommodate his disability.

The company declined comment, saying it does not discuss pending litigation.

Cobb started working at the glass manufacturing plant in 2012. He says he was prescribed medical marijuana in early 2017 to help treat his Marfan syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissue.

Cobb says he was originally prescribed opioid-based pain medication to treat the condition, but says his doctor told him that medical marijuana would be a better way to manage his pain.

Cobb took a drug test March 12 after he fractured his hand while doing machine work. Company policy required him to take an alcohol and drug test because he was injured on the job. The test came back positive for marijuana.

Cobb says he showed his employers his medical marijuana card the next day and says he did not use marijuana prior to or during his shift. He says he was given a choice between entering a rehabilitation program or being fired, and was fired after he protested.

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