BRICK — The township seeks volunteers for its new Snow Corps this winter to help shovel out elderly and disabled residents who can't do it themselves.

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The blizzard of 2016 prompted Mayor John Ducey to create the program for this season.

"It was real difficult for any person of any age or any ability to shovel, so the people that really had a hard problem for days were our senior citizens and our disabled," he said. "I thought it would be a great idea if we had a Brick Snow Corps, with younger, more agile residents helping out our elderly and disabled."

Anyone can sign up to shovel, regardless of age, and Ducey is encouraging high school students who need community service credit to join.

"A lot of kids out there know that they need community-type credits for either National Honor Society or some other organization, or just to show that they did community service for their college applications, and this is a perfect opportunity. Our Recreation Department will be monitoring and signing off on the community service hours," Ducey said. Students under age 16 must be with an adult.

Ducey said a father-daughter team has already signed up as well as some teens and male adults.

Shovelers will be matched with people who live in their section of the township to avoid having volunteers drive across town in the snow.

The Shovel Corps likely won't interfere with any young entrepreneurs trying to make money shoveling because, Ducey said, "that's a service of the past, it seems like." Several residents have lamented they wished more kids still went around after snow storms offering to shovel for some money.

Those interested in joining the Brick Snow Corps can sign up by calling 732-262-1240.

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