Cory Booker told Seth Meyers that he would like to punch President Trump with a story so outlandish it's not to be believed.

In football when the game is on the line and there is very little time left, a team with throw a "Hail Mary". It's a play made famous when Dallas Cowboy quarterback Roger Staubach threw one to South River's Drew Pearson in a playoff game against the Vikings on December 28, 1975. The story Cory Booker used to set up his comment about wanting to punch President Trump, which starts with him in Iowa meeting a football player is so outlandish, it's not to be believed. You might call it a "Hail Mary."

To hear Booker tell it, He's in Iowa running up on stage with hundreds of people of course and a former Stanford tight end, who's not named, puts his arm around him and says, "dude, I want you to punch Donald Trump in the face!" Now let me get this straight, a New Jersey Senator is about to take the stage in a crowded even in Iowa with "hundreds of people" and a "big guy" is able to put his arm around him. How does security let this happen? Well, maybe they figure that the two knew each other.

But instead of addressing Booker by name, he simply calls him "dude." In fact, there's so much respect there that they call each other "dude." Then the "tight end" instructs Booker to "punch Donald Trump in the face," to which Booker replies, "dude, that's a felony." Just two dudes talking president punching on an Iowa stage. If you believe this, I've got some swampland in the Meadowlands to sell you, or better yet, maybe some of Bookers other attention whore moments. If this presidential thing doesn't work out, maybe he can get his own reality show. Right now his campaign is a sorry sitcom, soon to be cancelled.

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