🔴 How did Stephanie Carmody die?

🔴 Previously charged as sex worker

🔴 Also in Mercer County: A body was found in a bag

WEST WINDSOR — A body found along Route 1 on Christmas has been identified as a Trenton woman.

West Windsor police received numerous calls reporting a possible dead person on the shoulder of the highway next to the former Holman Go Princeton and on the other side of the highway from Buffalo Wild Wings.

She was identified Wednesday as Stephanie A. Carmody, 31.

🔴 How did Stephanie Carmody die?

A cause and manner of Carmody's death are still to be determined following an autopsy by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office. The results could take 12-16 weeks.

The investigation into Carmody's death is ongoing and no arrests have been made. West Windsor police asked anyone with information to call them at 609-799-1222 or their anonymous tipline at 609-799-0452.

Investigators on Route 1 in West Windsor after a body was found on the shoulder
Investigators on Route 1 in West Windsor after a body was found on the shoulder (Dennis Symons, MidJersey.news)

🔴 Charges related to sex work

Carmody's Facebook page said she was from Providence, Rhode Island, and it listed her occupation as "freelance model."

She was charged in May by Trenton police as part of a daytime prostitution operation in the neighborhoods o South Broad Street/Malone Avenue and South Clinton Avenue/Bayard Street.

🔴 Also in Mercer County: A body was found in a bag

A decomposing body was found in a trash bag by a landlord inside a property on Beatty Street in Trenton on Friday going into Christmas weekend. The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office has not identified the body or made any arrests.

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