My friend Rosemary Becchi, who is the founder and head of a great local organization, Jersey First, joined me on the show to discuss the impact of national and state policies on average working New Jerseyans and small businesses.

Reckless policies of limiting domestic fuel production and printing money to finance over-the-top government spending have all contributed to squeezing our middle class.

Your cost to fill up is a result of Biden's policies, not Putin's.

Photos provided by Dennis Malloy
Photos provided by Dennis Malloy

Biden is able to push the radical Green agenda with backup from governors like Phil Murphy who is pushing his own version in our state.

I've written and spoken about how dangerous and damaging the governor's "master plan" is for our state's economy.

The spiking costs combined with wages that are simply not keeping up, the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank called this the most severe pay cut Americans have seen in the past 25 years.

As Rosemary reported, the income loss for the average American is $3,000. The impact of the governor's irresponsible fiscal management is hurting us every day.

NJ has the highest corporate taxes in the nation. This is on top of small businesses still trying to recover from two years of mandates and lockdowns.

The administration has failed to spend money allocated for that purpose from the "Debt Defeasance and Avoidance Trust".

Currently, the fund has $3 billion available. Of course, the value of that stash is decreasing with the rise of inflation. What makes it worse is the fact that he's handing out thousands of dollars to prisoners leaving jail and buying new SUVs for his and the lieutenant governor's use.

Although the cars aren't bank-breaking, the optics showcase his dismissive and selfish attitude toward the rest of us.

You have the power to stop this abuse of our middle and working class. Election Day is Nov. 8.

Send new faces to Congress. Send parents and small business owners to the school boards and town council seats.

Replace the morally bankrupt and corrupt county officials with new common-sense candidates. Elect new commissioners, clerks, and county executives.

Fight back. Stand strong. Vote.

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