The governor has yet to let the rest of us in on just how much his plan to transition the state to solar and wind and eliminate natural gas will cost. He has yet to justify the reasoning behind the assault on the nation's most abundant, cleanest and most efficient form of power generation. He just "talks the talk" borrowed from far-Left environmental extremists about the need for the Earth to heal and people to stop their obsession with modern living.

The radicals want to take away your natural gas stoves and furnaces and replace your HVAC with a heat pump, costing you thousands of dollars and having no impact on the environment. Actually, as my latest podcast guest points out, it may have disastrous impacts as we move away from clean burning, abundant fuel.

Dr. Jonathan Lesser joined me again to talk about everything from the power grid and the dangers of using ideology instead of science and reason to justify scrapping what's working for most people and replacing it with something completely reliant on the power grid.

The problem with the grid is that, according to the extremist plan, it will rely on wind and solar, two of the least efficient forms of power generation in existence. According to the federal government, while wind and solar are the worst, nuclear and natural gas are the best.

Dr. Lesser and I also spoke about the misinformation surrounding CO2, specifically the ignorance that the haters have for something that is literally critical for life on Earth to exist.

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from the conversation is how little an impact on emissions the governor's plan will have. If New Jersey stopped all power generation and took all the gas cars off the road, the emissions reduction in global terms would be the equivalent of less than 3/1000 of one percent. In financial terms, this would be described as "de minimis."

Of course, the governor and his cronies want you to think that if the roads were all filled with electric cars, we'll be able to breathe again. Despite the obvious fact that we have some of the cleanest air in the world, what do you think powers those electric cars? The power grid, of course, and the amount of fossil fuels needed to meet the demand of an all-electric consumer market would blow the lid off of any "projection model" reductions.

Take a listen to this very smart guy and share with your high school kids. They are perhaps the most brainwashed with misinformation regarding climate change and the all-out assault on reason and critical thinking.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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