Having an insect in your car can be extremely distracting. According to one study, it increases your risk of a crash by a factor of six.

Another study says that having a “moving object (such as a pet or insect)” in the car is the ninth ranked cause of distracted driving.

Apparently, this is what happened to a dump truck driver in Sussex County who crashed into a pole. The NJ Hearald reports he told Sparta police he was driving along when a bee flew into the cab of the truck, causing him to swerve into a utility pole.

No one was hurt in the crash but the road was closed for a few hours while JCP&L fixed the pole and restored power. Now that the weather is warmer and you’re more likely to be driving with your windows down, keep an eye out for insects, but don’t let them force you to take your eyes off the road.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.

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