It’s the time of year when deer always get a little more unhinged. October to December is the peak of what’s known as their rutting season, where the bucks chase the does to mate.

This increases the chances of deer darting out into the roads with little regard for traffic.

Let’s get the obvious joke out of the way: oh deer!

close up on eye of a fallow deer ( dama )

This week added to the weirdness that already comes with rutting season. Two separate incidents happened in New Jersey that make me think the deer are extra wild this year.

First there was the insane jumping deer in Mays Landing. It leaped over one vehicle and into the bed of another.

Even crazier, this happened right as someone who was interested in buying the second vehicle was pulling into the driveway where the truck was parked.

You can watch the video from a security camera here:

So I know what you’re thinking… “I’ll be safe from these horny deer as long as I’m indoors.”

No longer the case, my friend.

A deer smashed through the door of an eyewear store in Matawan. It was caught on camera going around the store.

David Austin, who got the footage, happened to be helping a friend, Shawn Johnson, shoot a film project nearby.

Johnson described the ordeal to APP:

We went running over there and we saw the deer inside and the glass door was busted. … The deer was walking around and luckily not doing too much damage, but it was bleeding from its mouth.

The pair were able to lead the deer back outside, although a few displays had already been knocked down.

So be extra vigilant out there this rutting season, New Jersey, the deer seem a little extra fearless this year.


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