The weather should be perfect for the weekend, and as you know there’s nothing more fun to do on a beautiful New Jersey weekend then attend a legendary New Jersey festival. Yes, of course other states have festivals, but because of our geography and population density here in the state, hours are more creative and diverse than any others’. If you don’t believe me try these three festivals on for size. (In descending order of awesomeness.)

The best of the three? Undoubtedly it is this:

An amazing extravaganza of music, arts, crafts, all taking place on the picturesque beach and within in the beautiful town of Asbury Park.

You can enjoy everything from a spectacular Dave Matthews full-scale beach concert and late night concerts to yoga sessions, surfing and a Danny Clinch photo exhibition. Performances by the b-52’s, Drop Kick Murphys and dozens of others, along with the artsy vibe that Asbury Park has become so famous for.

My second choice for a New Jersey weekend activity this weekend is this:

For a Springsteen fan, there’s nothing like a summer day filled with music from the boss. Since this weekend is Bruce’s 70th birthday, did you have any doubt that someone would put together a cool and special way to celebrate this auspicious occasion? Bruce’s 70th birthday bash will take place Saturday the 20th at the strand theater in Lakewood.

There will be birthday cake, (of course!!!, specialty Bruce-themed drinks... think “Born to Rum” and “Bruce Juice”) not to mention a performance by one of New Jersey’s preeminent Bruce tribute bands, "Tramps Like Us.'

And if you really have nothing better to do or you really love bats there’s always this:

THIS is the original New Jersey bat festival. (Who knows if there are others?) A festival dedicated entirely to bat awareness, and bat conservation. (And I don’t need mean the baseball variety).

We’re talking about three days filled with bat-oriented activities including artisan bat-crafts, lectures, an outdoor bat walk and a live bat program. Featuring an appearance by Eddie Brigati, the original singer of the rascals.

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