A New Jersey farmer recently proposed marriage to his girlfriend in one of the most elaborate ways we've ever seen.

A gorgeous view from up above shows just how much effort and love went into the proposal in a cornfield at Tranquility Farms in Andover., Sussex County.

Not only were the words "Marry Me" plowed out, but a giant pumpkin and a leaf, giving the whole project major fall feels.

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The farmer, Zach, reportedly told his future fiancé Killian that he wanted to take a quick helicopter ride to shoot some photos of his corn maze work, according to NJ.com. But it was all for her! She must be one special lady because this proposal had to take some serious planning.

It was worth it, though, and she said, "Yes!"

It's one of the most incredible, beautiful things we've ever seen. It's so amazing the art that can be created on farmland like this.

This is one proposal that's going to be hard to compete with, but it just goes to show that when you put your hold heart into doing something for the one you love, it pays off.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We can't wait to see what other life milestones end up carved into a cornfield.

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