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1) Apple Introduces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – what’s the latest version you have – do you think Apple is still “all that?” What do you like – what don’t you like?

2) Does all the media attention make Ray Rice a sympathetic figure? (His wife thinks so!)

3) Would you give a second chance to someone who beat you in an act of domestic violence? Would you take that person back? (Would you want this guy on your team?)

4) Poll: Should the NJ State Police have recruited more minority candidates? And do you agree with State Sen. Shirley Turner that the State Police needs to be more diverse?

5) Your vote for New Jersey state song. Should Red Mascara’s “I’m From New Jersey” be designated as the official state song?

6) How much do you tip? What’s the smallest tip you’ve ever gotten. Eagles running back LeSean McCoy leaves 20 cent tip at Philly burger joint.

7) Have you ever had an unpaid internship? Was it worth it? Former ‘Letterman’ intern claims she was not paid minimum wage or overtime. Is she right or an idiot?

8) Ever walked in while someone was robbing your house? Sayreville homeowner walks in during burglary, chases suspect for blocks, police say.

9) What are you dressing your kids up for Halloween? What did you go out trick or treating as?

10) Could you live on 29.40 a week for food? How much does your monthly food bill come out to?

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