When you talk about the rebirth of a city, you really can’t think of a better case in point than Asbury Park.

I was a kid during the race riots of the 70s, when Asbury became all but a shell of its former self. Through various recessions, we saw it crumble even more and very few of us thought that it would ever be able to be restored to its former glory.

Well, we were wrong.

On a recent outing on Cookman Avenue, one of the hotspots of the city, just as I was enjoying a gorgeous night strolling the Avenue, I came upon one of the nicest cops you’d ever want to meet. Turns out, I found the perfect guy as part of his duty is to be a spokesperson for the town.

He was as excited as I was to see the new and improved Asbury Park, so I harassed him until he talked to me.

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