Ever have this happen? It's Halloween night. A steady stream of cute little kids all excited in their costumes come to the door. You hand out candy like there's no tomorrow.Then another ring at the doorbell and a deep voice yells out "trick or treat." You're thinking maybe the kid got shy and it's the dad. Nope. It's a group of teenagers, maybe even LATE teens, standing there with a pillow case and a smirk and no real costume. Maybe they pulled their shirt up half over their mouth so they can say they're a 'bandit' or something equally lame.

Do you give them the candy?

On one hand, it's only a few pieces of candy and you always have leftovers anyway. Plus you have to wonder if you say no are they thug enough to sneak to the side of your house and egg a window or two. On the other hand, it's the principal of the thing. And have you ever had it so ridiculous as to the point where you see them drive up and park? I'm pretty sure old enough to drive is too old to be looking for candy entitlements. But where do you draw the line?

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