Eric Scott has been filling in for Jim and is in full Halloween spirit this morning. NJ is a great place to spend Halloween and we've been seeking your input as to the spookiest places in NJ.

Halloween castle

From haunted places to run-ins with the paranormal, our listeners provided some very cool stories to get kick off the spookiest day of the year.

One caller mentioned Nelly's Pond in Delanco. The story of Nelly's Pond goes back to the Revolutionary War, it is said that a messenger on horseback drowned in a small pond. His horse's name was Nelly, thus how the name Nelly's Pond was created. Even though today most of the pond is dried up, it is believed that while wandering in the woods near the pond, you can still hear the drowning horse crying out.

Some callers mentioned places like haunted restaurants and hotels in NJ, that have stories which have been carried over from generation to generation of paranormal activity.

Other callers mentioned run-ins with the paranormal, either hearing voices in their home or seeing shadows or other ghost-like figures.

Eric mentioned some great resources for paranormal information in NJ, here are some of the sites he mentioned below.

What has happened to you? Have you had run-ins with the paranormal or haunted places in NJ? Let's hear your stories below.


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