There’s a school of thought that HBO cancelled 'Boardwalk Empire' because it couldn’t compete with the real corruption going on in New Jersey. Ok, not really, but I thought that was a great joke regardless.

Are you bothered by the corruption stigmatism NJ has?
James Lauritz, Getty Images

In all seriousness,  how do you feel about our state being associated with corruption? When you travel and you mention that you’re from New Jersey, how is that met? Are there mob and or corruption jokes? Is that what “Jersey attitude” is suppose to mean?

When the Bridgegate scandal hit, Jon Stewart mocked it during a segment on the 'Daily Show.' Stewart talked about how we shouldn’t sink to a third rate quality of corruption like Bridgegate and then rattled off a string of corruption cases dating all the way back to ABSCAM, which incidentally is the subject of the hit movie 'American Hustle.'

It’s one thing when people are making fun of Governor Christie but it goes deeper when people believe that’s what we’re really about. If you’re a millennial from New Jersey, do people expect you to be like the cast of the 'Jersey Shore?' Does it affect you in the workplace?

Do you think the corruption reputation helps or hurts NJ residents in the long run? I personally like the cache going into any relationship because when your real personality comes out and they see how much depth we really have, it’s even more impressive. How do you feel? Take the poll below and let us know your opinion.

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