There is a renewed call for speed cameras on Garden State roads. What's interesting is that the call is coming despite the fact that NJ roads are among the safest in the nation.

Maybe the group is using the idea to provoke controversy and raise funds, wouldn't be the first time that the group has used issues that have no chance of moving ahead just to increase contributions. But either way, it's a conversation that needs to be had in the Garden State.

Clearly, the world is moving fast toward artificial intelligence and automation replacing human interaction and discretion when it comes to enforcing the rules.

My immediate reaction is that speed cameras will free up law enforcement to track down criminals and be available for emergencies. My other thought is that if we raise the limit on the highways to a reasonable 75 mph, why not have a camera to keep drivers under that limit?

Alessio Lin via Unsplash
Alessio Lin via Unsplash

The problem is that a camera can't account for decisions a driver might have to make to avoid a reckless driver or avoid a road hazard. Then there's the issue of having to prove your innocence after the camera has deemed you guilty.

I've explained my troubles with E-ZPass where they still have not removed the "fines" after a glitch caused the transponder not to register, even though I PAID all of the tolls.

GSP photo: EZPass
GSP photo: EZPass

That said, I don't trust the NJ government under the current leadership and if you can get a resolution from the hired contractor, how can you trust the government bureaucracy to provide customer service?

We all know the challenges with MVC and DOL. So my conclusion is a hard pass on the speed cameras. How about you?

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