An Easter basket wouldn't be complete without this tasty confection.  Here are some fun morsels about the jelly bean.

Jelly beans (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Most historians agree the jelly bean's origin began in the 1700's from a confection called The Turkish Delight.  Turkish Delight is a soft jelly candy covered with confectioner's powder.

The jelly bean, as we know it, first appeared in Boston in 1861.  William Schrafft concocted the colorful candy in his bean town shop.  Schrafft asked citizens to send his chewy invention to troops during The Civil War.

The jelly bean was not an overnight success.  Candy experts say the first advertisement for the jelly bean appeared in the Chicago Daily News in 1905.

The next tidbit is very surprising.  It wasn't until the 1930's that the jelly bean was associated with Easter!

Until the 1970's jelly beans were generally manufactured in the traditional flavors and colors.  That changed in 1976 with the debut of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  This "gourmet" variety is available in dozens of flavors such as bubble gum, root beer, and popcorn.  You may remember that Jelly Belly's were a favorite of President Ronald Reagan.

Around Easter time, every year, about 16 billion jelly beans are manufactured.  I eat fifteen billion.  The remaining billion is all yours.

Some more information I came across says that your jelly bean color preference may describe your personality.  Perhaps this is hogwash, but lets have some fun.

If you prefer white jelly beans, you are highly organized and memorize things well.

A person who prefers to eat black jelly beans smiles a lot, is enthusiastic, and is playful.

You say you like yellow beans?  If you do, you are smart, innovative, and artistic.

Orange bean people are cheerful and good-natured.  They have a quick wit and get along with almost everyone.

You violet jelly beaners are flirty, passionate and highly creative.

If you eat the green ones first, you are a leader and like recognition.

Finally, for those of you who like red or pink jelly beans, you are a courageous individual with unlimited energy.

By the way, April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day.  You would think this special day would be celebrated before Easter.

I hope all of you have a very happy Easter.