Dennis and Michele Pilenza (filling in for Judi) were discussing TV shows that have just run out of good content. The best example Dennis gave as an example was 'SNL.' While the show will always be iconic and has produced some of the greatest comedians around, it has gotten to the point, in Dennis' opinion where it is no longer funny. Michele on the other hand, thinks that 'SNL' still has some funny sketches and good cast members.

On the other hand, the one show that Dennis said you should definitely program your DVR for is the new show 'All About Sex.' Dennis said that while he isn't a big fan of host Margaret Cho, the show is an instant hit and very funny.than watch this show. Comedian Margaret Cho  hosts with three other women on the panel who discuss any and all sexual topics.

If you haven't seen a clip from the show 'All About Sex' you can see a preview below.

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