When you hear the term "free TV," what do you think of?

converter box

Over-the-air television? If you have a digital converter, you can still get your local channels over the air, for free, on your existing televison!

TV snow

Without the converter, all you get is electronic "snow."

With the digital conversion on June 12, 2009, "older" televisions became obsolete.

Without the converter, you're left with cable or satellite television, where you get a monthly bill. And, its hardly "free."  As you watch TV, you'll note that both provider types are in a grudge match to sign you up! Or, to steal your allegiance from their competitor.

So, as I'm out for a walk, I spy a "free TV."

And to think...if this "boob tube" is free for the taking...what does that say about the owner's opinion of the programs on it?


That being said: What show (or shows) would cause a person to throw out their set? What is the "worst" on cable, satellite, or "free TV."

Comment below!

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