Did you ever wish when you were driving down the New Jersey roads that you could push a button and operate a lighted sign to communicate messages to other drivers? Or what if you could install a loudspeaker on your car to communicate your views?

Sometimes giving the finger, honking, or a nasty look just isn’t enough. We gave our listeners a challenge... if your car could talk to annoying drivers at the touch of button, what one road rule would you want it to broadcast? (In a loud electronic voice, obviously.)

  1. “Get the F out of the left lane unless you’re passing, loser!”
  2. “Don’t go over the solid white line at a red light, knucklehead!”
  3. “Maintain speed while entering a highway, moron!”
  4. “Turn off your brights when a car is coming toward you, dumbbell”
  5. “There’s an emergency vehicle in the shoulder! Move over, idiot!”
  6. “Hang up and drive, stupid!”
  7. “Stay off my tail, numbnuts!”
  8. “Put brain in gear before putting car in gear, schmuck!”

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