It's time to go back to "the dark ages" when we didn't have 3,000 TV channels to choose from. This was a time when the only reality entertainment was sinking a battleship (insert explosion sound effect here) and performing a life saving operation. Some of these games originated pre-80s, but were wildly popular. Here are 5 of our favorite retro 80s board games.

  • Pop-O-Matic Trouble

    Commercials for this game were all over TV. It was revolutionary to have the dice enclosed in that dome. Remember, it's fun getting into trouble, with the Pop-O-Matic Bubble!

  • Connect Four

    A glorified version of Tic-Tac-Toe, but when you dumped those red and black checkers on. And let's not forget the best part of Connect Four. You know, the part that player after player argued over. Flipping the switch to dump all of the pieces on the floor!
  • Hungry Hippos

    The beauty of this game is that it took absolutely NO skill to play. I know those white plastic balls were supposed to be "hippo food," but what kind of hippo food exactly?
  • Operation

    It took a steady hand to play Operation, which was tough on a sugar high. Those tweezers were not to touch the metal edge. Your punishment? Probably the most annoying sound know to man. The worst was when you went seaching everywhere for the all important D battery. Pop quiz. What was the name of the patient in Operation? Cavity Sam!
  • Electronic Battleship

    Could the game Battleship get any better? Yes, my friends it could. Maybe too many players complained to MB that their opponent wasn't making the explosion sound? Regardless, add LED lights and electronic sounds to an already amazing game and you have a classic.