Are you sick of staring at your same old boring office environment? Is your office space in dire need of a fun pick-me-up? If your workspace is lacking personality and flair, spice it up with these 5 Fun and Unique Office Accessories!

  • 1

    Mouse Rugs

    Set your computer's mouse on a magic carpet ride with this pint-sized oriental rug. Choose from any one of these awesome designs for just $19.95.
  • 2

    Inanimate Character Stickers

    Give your office supplies personalities with these eyes and mouth stickers! Let the eight hours pass by faster with your new talking stapler and wacky-eyed calculator. Sure it's nerdy, but for just $4.95 a pack we'd say these stickers are worth it!
  • 3

    USB Desk Fan

    Fight that uncomfortable office temperature with this USB powered mini fan for your desk! Ranging from $4 - $20 depending on the size, this fan will make all your coworkers jealous. Plus, you'll look awesome when the wind is blowing through your hair!
  • 4

    Like and Dislike Stamps

    Take your Facebook addiction to the next level with these thumbs up/ thumbs down stamps from Urban Outfitters for $14! Did your boss hand you another report to complete by the end of the week? DISLIKE! Early dismissal memo? LIKE!
  • 5

    Pinhead Push Pins

    Stick it to your boss with these corporately-dressed headless pushpins! Post all of your work notes and reminders with these hysterical Pinhead Pushpins and everyone will appreciate the humor, except for your uptight boss of course!