By Jeff Deminski

As times change, technology advances, and requirements to hold a certain job change, it's important to stay up to date on what skills you should and should not brush up on before going into your next interview.

According to an article by Alida Moore of, the following four job skills will get you nowhere fast.


Simply put, the commonality of Spanish makes it a resume dud. Furthermore, Spanish isn't a prominent language in business. If you would like to pad your resume with a language skill, consider learning Arabic, Japanese or Chinese.

Software Installation and Upgrade

In fact, most software installation happens at the push of a button or, more often, is automated. Upgrades are often as simple as clicking a link and restarting your computer, something that has become second nature to many workers.

Legal Research

An abundance of underemployed law school grads makes this skill not as impressive as it used to be.

Handling Mortgage Loans

If this skill tops your resume, it might be wise to look for other ways to apply your knowledge of the mortgage loan business.

I'd like to add my own observations to the job skills that are now unimportant list. From what I've seen, saying thank you to a customer, asking them if they need help finding anything, staying off the phone during business transactions, and showing any sense of urgency in assisting a paying customer seem to have gone away as well.

What are some job skills you have noticed are fading away? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.