What would make you want to quit your job? More and more companies want to find out, as the cost of finding the right person and getting them up to speed to replace you is expensive, time consuming and a gamble.

A new study done by TINYpulse an employee engagement firm which surveyed about 400 full time U.S, employees showed what people both like and dislike about their jobs.
What they found out is Supervisors can make or break employee retention. Micromanaging and those who feel overworked tired and burned out are about 30 per cent more likely to look for another job.

How do you feel about your job? Do you feel appreciated? Would you ever think of leaving? Would you have the courage to try?
More and more millennials are constantly looking for new jobs every few years whether they are happy in their workplace or not. Then, there are those who stay in working conditions they don’t enjoy because they don’t think they can find anything else. How many jobs have you worked at before you finally found the one that is right for you? Or are you still looking to find that right career?