Another great show today filled with a mix of some great Jersey topics. We discussed a wide-range of stories including the "third rail" type of story regarding the debate over Wyckoff's police chief, who recently stepped down, over an email he wrote regarding racial profiling.  Just when you think NJ has enough real problems, there is actually a debate over allowing NJ residents to sell baked goods that they made at home! We also had comedian Margaret Cho drop by to preview her appearance at the Stress Factory this weekend.

Should the Wyckoff police chief have stepped down?

I put up a poll today to ask whether or not people think the Wyckoff police chief should have stepped down or not over an email that discussed racial profiling. If it is known that black gang members populate a certain area like Wyckoff, what constitutes suspicious behavior? How do you check for it?

Take our poll and watch a segment where I discuss the topic in the YouTube clip below.

File it under "you just can't make it up!" You still can't sell bake goods made in your home.

Out of all the things to worry about in NJ, selling baked goods from your home shouldn't be on the top of our priority list. It's called the Cottage Food Bill and the NJ Assembly passed a bill that would allow this to happen. Senator Joe Vitale is making it a priority though by blocking a bill that would allow people to do this under the guise of "a public health hazard."

Legal Correspondent Amy Dardashtian, joined us to discuss the bill and why a lawsuit may be brewing if Senator Vitale refuses to have the senate vote on the Cottage Food Bill. 20 states already have a bill that allows this. NJ is one of only a few states that completely bans it.

As far as Senator Vitale's concerns over health risks, Dardashtian believes the risks are minimal. Dardashtian says " baked goods have a very low risk of any types of food-born illnesses. That doesn't mean there's no risk. But we're talking about flour and eggs. We're talking about an apple pie."  When I asked her specifically about Senator Vitale's concerns and blanket statement about it being a "health hazard," Dardashtian called it "bizarre."

Watch my full interview with Amy Dardashtian in the clip below.

As we discussed the Cottage Food Bill further, Senator Kip Bateman called in to the show to agree with me that Senator Vitale's choice to refuse to vote on the Assembly's bill is just wrong. "No individual should be stopping it," Bateman said.

Watch what else Senator Bateman had to say in the video below.

Margaret Cho talks comedy, Fashion Police and takes jokes live in studio

Comedian Margaret Cho joined us this morning to preview her shows this weekend t the Stress Factory and give away tickets to the show to any of our listeners who could tell a good joke. Well, for the third week in a row, we didn't get any real good jokes, but we found some winners anyway.

Margaret also discussed her recent trip to Seoul, Korea and Tokyo. In the clip below, I asked Margaret about how she got involved with the show Fashion Police.

To view the full hour with Margaret Cho, click here.