On Wednesday's Dennis and Judi Show, Judi introduced the topic of what we're all tired of hearing about this past year. We morphed Judi's grievances and our listeners' into one - to create a mega list of things we're tired of hearing in 2015.

Donald Trump insulting people
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

1. Crossfit

2. Taylor Swift's "Squad"

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Adele

5. The Republican Primary

6. The Real Housewives

7. Riots

8. "Black Lives Matter"

9. Star Wars

10. Hover boards

11. Donald Trump

12. Chipotle

13. Gluten-free

14. Netflix and Chill

15. #goals

16. Warm winter

17. Kardashians

18. Caitlyn Jenner

19. Justin Bieber

20. "On fleek"

21. Raising the minimum wage

22. Hashtags

23. "baby mama" and "baby daddy"

24. Legalizing marijuana

25. Atlantic City

What were you tired of hearing in 2015? Leave it in the comment section below or tweet us at @nj1015!

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