Two men have been found guilty in a $3.4 million burglary ring that targeted 27 homes in six states along the East Coast.

Money (Photo credit: Zoonar RF, ThinkStock)

Forty-three-year-old Daniel Gatson and 36-year-old Anthony Hanks were convicted Monday of interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy in federal court in New Jersey.

Prosecutors say the crime spree started days after Gatson was released from a stint in prison for breaking into the home of former basketball star Patrick Ewing. Investigators say the crew targeted affluent homes and typically cut phone lines and alarm wires before breaking in.

Prosecutors say they were caught because Gatson's cellphone provided an electronic map of his footprints.

Four others have pleaded guilty in the case.

Gatson and Hanks face up to a decade behind bars when they're sentenced in February.


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