The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office has now confirmed nine deaths after a violent burst of tornadoes and thunderstorms hit the Oklahoma City area overnight.

Tractor trailer knocked over by Oklahoma tornado
Tractor trailer knocked over by Oklahoma tornado (KWTV TV)

Those killed include two children and seven adults. Hospital officials says at least 75 people were hurt. Forecasters say a cold front should reduce the chances of severe weather in the Plains and Midwest today.

Law enforcement officers and Red Cross damage assessment workers planned to head out at dawn to areas the tornadoes struck in the city and its suburbs.

Hospital officials say about 75 people were hurt. The storm bore down on an interstate highway as commuters tried to beat it home during evening rush hour.

Storms Expected

Oklahoma tornado
Oklahoma tornado (KFOR TV)

Meteorologists had warned about particularly nasty weather Friday but said the storm's fury didn't match that of a deadly twister that struck suburban Moore last week. Violent weather also moved through the St. Louis area, ripping part of the roof off a suburban casino.

The region was fortunate because the storm touched down mostly in rural areas and missed central Oklahoma City.

"It's not even close to anything like what we had last week," Smith said. "We were very concerned this would move into downtown. It would have been a major problem. It made all the difference that it was out in the country."

On May 20, an even more powerful storm rolled into Moore, killing 24 people.

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