There are so many gorgeous homes in New Jersey, but every once in a while you start to wonder about the history within them, about how many different families and generations have lived within those walls. But this Maplewood home is a rarity: it was built 120 years ago, by hand, by Benjamin F. Jones, a former judge and state assembly speaker and the patriarch of a prominent New Jersey family.

It sits at 580 Prospect street in Maplewood, and get this: it has never—ever—changed hands... until now. The last member of the Jones family to live in the home was Elizabeth J. Crandall, 95, a former physician who was also a prominent and powerful Maplewood resident. She finally decided to sell in 2017 when her husband, also a physician passed away.

The home, which is listed at $1.3 million, has been lovingly restored, yet retains the beauty and grandeur of the era. The realtor, who is handling the sale held an open house and invited Mrs. Crandall to come from her new home in Providence. The open house was an unprecedented success. People pretty much lined up to get in and Mrs. Crandall was thrilled to see the improvements.

It’s full of tradition and is exquisite including six bedrooms, four 1/2 baths, four levels of both period details and modern amenities like hardwood floors with banded inlay, period moldings & millwork, and a chef's kitchen with all the bells and whistles. It also boasts expansive outdoor spaces with a patio, wraparound porch & sprawling lawns. As a real estate buff who pores over listings of homes across New Jersey every day, I will tell you it is rare to see a home like this that is not only stunning but also contains such rich NJ history.

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