Different parts of the country offer a wide variety of local favorites that are so popular, they just had to franchise. Texas and Florida have more fast-food chains, many of which you've never heard of and the locals love them. California also has so many fast-food chains it's almost impossible to choose. Lots of taco and burger places that you probably have never seen anywhere around here.

According to one site, Alabama actually has the most fast-food chains per capita. Yet another state, Hawaii is said to hold the title. What do the states of Alabama and Hawaii have in common? They're not New Jersey!

Here in the Garden State, we have so many locally owned mom and pop favorites that make great local cuisine along with the typical 'American' fare.

One of the local favorite foods, along with pizza, cheesesteaks and pork roll, egg and cheese sammies, is the almighty sub. In some part of the state, they're known as hoagies or heroes or even grinders, but most know the iconic sandwich as a sub.

Jersey Mike's is the undisputed champion of subs and now the world knows it. There are 110 of them here in this state and a whopping 300 in California. There are even four of them in Arkansas! There are even more in Texas than there are here (it's a much bigger state of course).

There are 1,910 locations including in Canada and Australia. From their headquarters in tiny Manasquan, this tiny sub shop has grown into a nationwide and even international phenomenon through the efforts CEO and founder Peter Cancro. Peter an amazing businessman and extraordinarily generous employer and humanitarian. Their success couldn't happen to better people. Thanks for your great food and making Jersey proud, Peter!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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