Schools are winding down and the job search will be heating up for both summer jobs as well as career employment. If you're going to be looking for a job, you're going to have to ace the interview. Here are ten things you should not do, that other people did when interviewing for jobs according to which interviewed 2600 human resources professionals and hiring managers last year. People actually did these things!

  • Called wife to ask if salary was enough before continuing
  • When asked why she should be part of the team, replied "because her hair was perfect"
  • Brought a pizza and ate it
  • Bought childhood toys to the interview
  • Bragged about being in the newspaper for alleged theft
  • Ate crumbs off the table
  • Asked the interviewer why her aura didn't like her
  • Said that if the interviewer wanted to get into heaven they should hire him
  • Asked where the nearest bar was located
  • Asked the interviewer out to dinner

Of course your general behavior can also get you in trouble. Career builder also asked about candidate behavior and the top deal breakers were as polled:

  • Being caught lying: 66 percent — You might as well tell the truth up front, it's only going to come back to you later if you get caught and you will never really be trusted after that.
  • Answering a phone call: 64 percent — I can't believe people would actually do this but they do. You want to make the interviewer feel like nothing is more important than getting the job.
  • Appearing arrogant: 59 percent — Nobody is going to want to deal with your arrogance on the job, but a few rejections will usually humble that down.
  • Dressing inappropriately: 49 percent — You want to show that you respect the job enough to dress up, at least for the interview.
  • Lacking accountability: 48 percent — Best thing you can ever do is take responsibility.

You would think that common sense would dictate these things, but nooooo!

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