The newer generation seems to be a bit too casual at job interviews. Hiring managers across the country have plenty of tales of recent college graduates performing poorly during an interview, sometimes in astonishing fashion.

College Graduation
Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

According to Jaime Fall with HR Policy Association, more and more potential employees are using their smartphones during the interview process.

"It's something that we're very concerned about because we think young people just don't understand that the job interview is still somewhat of a traditional environment," Fall said.

He said some folks are basically addicted to their devices, and when they carry them into an interview, the need for texting and taking calls doesn't go away.

"It really sends a very negative signal to people looking for the best candidate for a job," Fall added.

Another trend picking up steam is parental involvement.

Too Much Parental Involvement

Human resource professionals have reported parents who will accompany their children to the waiting room, or even participate in the interview process. According to Fall, any large company recruiter will have a story involving "helicopter parents."

The job market is sluggish enough, yet millennials are diminishing their chances even more by failing to act professionally when it matters most. Other stories from human resource executives include poor language and inappropriate clothing.

"I would love for young people to understand that the person sitting across the table from them wants them to be successful in the job interview," Fall said. "They need to close the deal."

HR Policy Association has launched a web site,, that provides interview and workplace advice from hiring experts.


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