The week began with a poll indicating just how much New Jerseyans loved the Garden State and closes with a disturbing story about a state test question for youngsters.  We recap those stories and everything in-between.

Lovin' New Jersey

The week kicked off with a poll finding the majority of residents really enjoy life in the Garden State.

Those new Tru-ID licenses that were set to debut in New Jersey from the MVC were put on hold because of lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

More and more workers in NJ are growing tired of being asked to do more work, but not receiving overtime from their bosses for their efforts.

Tanning And Terror

The news on Tuesday opened with a poll out on Governor Christie, where he received his most favorable ratings yet.

Word came out a terror plot foiled by the CIA.  The plot, which was spoiled with the help of a double agent, called for the use of an underwear bomb that could not be detected by our airport security.

Advocates for a measure to ban all minors from using indoor tanning beds held a State House press conference to drum up more support for the bill.

Christie Loud On NJEA, Silent On Second-Term

On Wednesday, we recapped Governor Christie's latest Town Hall from Freehold, which featured an extended tongue-lashing aimed at the leadership of the NJEA.

The Governor was asked about a run for re-election, which he was much more mum about.

In a landslide, Ocean City residents voted down BYOB, to keep the resort town completely dry.

Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil, made news after she was banned from several area tanning salons.

The Devils skated past the Flyers in a series rout, to await their opponent in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

Obama Declares Gay Marriage Support

On Thursday, President Barack Obama becomes the first sitting President to announce his public support of same-sex marriage.

The issue of Facebook password protections took the stage at the State House, with lawmakers moving forward an bill to put a stop to it.

Numbers in Atlantic City are way down versus the rest of the nation for casino revenues, according to a new study.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Well apparently, the makers of NJ Ask exam want to know the secrets from third graders.  We closed out the week with a Townsquare Exclusive, in which it was revealed that one test on the exam asked students to write about a secret.  The issue drew the ire of parents.

In a recap of his Thursday Town Hall, Governor Christie reiterated his position on same-sex marriage, while also addressing the growing issue of teen suicide.

Attorney General Jeff Chiesa announces a major gun crackdown across New Jersey.

The State House was jumping with activity, and Kevin McArdle recaps two important bills that moved forward, including internet gambling and text message ads.

And in a bizarre story, an 18 month old New Jersey girl was kicked off a Jet Blue flight because her name appeared on the no-fly list.

Another wild week in New Jersey is in the books.  Remember, you can read my daily recaps with an inside perspective here at NJ 101.5, From The Newsroom, each day beginning at around 11:30 AM.

Below is a video from Governor Christie's Town Hall this week.  Have a great weekend!

Courtesy Governor's Office