Its an issue that's uncomfortable to talk about, but is unfortunately rising in New Jersey.

The rate of teen suicide is growing, and parents, desperate for answers, are calling on the Governor for help.

Tricia Baker of Plainsboro was the first hand up in the audience at Governor Christie's town hall in Somerset County.

"I lost my son in May 2009 to suicide and I'm just wondering how we can address this issue because its really becoming a problem in our state."

"Unfortunately you are I think the 4th or 5th parent who has come to a town hall meeting that has brought this up and has lost a child to suicide" said Christie. "We have a problem and we need to face up to it."

Christie acknowledged that drug addiction and mental health issues also play a large role.

"But its not just that....teens are killing themselves and we need to find out why."

The governor said New Jersey is not unique in dealing with teen suicide in recent years.

"I've talked to other governors from different states and they have told me they are seeing an alarming rise in suicide rates among their young people."

Christie invited the couple to come talk privately with him at the State House about youth suicide.

"My son just went through this and had a friend of his who just committed suicide and you just don't don't know what brings them to this point...but we've got to figure it out" said Christie.

Suicide has become the third leading cause of teen death in New Jersey.