Governor Christie is not saying whether or not he will run for re-election in 2013.

"There's a lot of people who have a say in that other than me," he said, and began to list his wife and children: "Their names are Mary Pat, Andrew, Sarah" Christie said to a young boy who asked the question during a town hall in Monmouth County Tuesday.

He also lamented how as governor he can't do simple things like watch his son's baseball game without attracting attention. But Christie, whose support has been rising in New Jersey, according to public polls, also pointed to the things he likes about the job.

"I have never had a better job in my life," he said. "If four more years are in the works, then we'll see how that goes."

Christie did have some advice. "Don't make any decision until you have to...because you don't know if things in your life will I don't have to make that decision until the end of this year or maybe the next."

But after spending much of last year reiterating that he would not run for president, Christie gave the idea some more thought before officially announcing he would not run and soon after endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Some thought Christie was in line to be Romney's vice president but the governor has repeatedly said he loves his current job in New Jersey and wants to stay. But he's maintained that he'd listen if Romney offered him the job.

Last week, he may have gone a bit further, telling students (and reporters) at Plainsboro-West Windsor High School that Romney might be able to persuade him.

But he added: "Do I really look like the vice-presidential type, to sit behind him at the State of the Union?"