New Jersey law enforcement officials are re-doubling efforts to crack down on criminals using guns illegally.

State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says, "We're conducting strategic investigations aimed at seizing existing guns in violent areas, disrupting the supply of guns being trafficked into those areas, and aggressively prosecuting criminals…since January, the State Police intelligence section has seized just over 100 guns - primarily from convicted felons and drug dealers."

He says, "These guns were seized through a newly formed bureau - the State Police Weapons Trafficking Bureau - working with the State Police North and South units…with the formation of this new Bureau, the State Police more than doubled the detectives assigned specifically to weapons trafficking - in 4 months, the State Police Intelligence section has already matched the number of guns it seized in all of 2010 , and has nearly matched the number of guns it seized in 2011."

Chiesa adds, "This new gun initiative involves a common- sense approach to addressing gun violence, by removing guns and the offenders who carry them from our neighborhoods…there is an unmistakable connection between the gun trade and illegal guns- and we're using drug investigations to aggressively go after guns."

He points out, "We're leveraging any probable cause developed in drug investigations, to make arrests and execute search warrants that lead us to guns, and gun charges…through this initiative, we're taking direct aim at those responsible for the proliferation of guns, and gun violence in our urban communities."

Chiesa also points out, "You don't deer hunt with a machine gun with a silencer - that's not what those guns are for - those guns are to injure and kill other people."