We’ve entered the realm of the ridiculous in New Jersey. While much of the world and our nation gets back to work and school, we are stuck in the past as if the pandemic is still the number one crisis facing humanity. We hear over and over again, the same politicians responsible for thousands of deaths in our nursing homes lecturing us on positive test. The NJ health commissioner would lead us to believe that positive cases some how translate to sickness and death. But that has not been the case in any of the states that have opened up. That has not been the case in nations like South Korea and Sweden who did not follow the herd into lockdown.

In Sweden in particular, schools remained open and no students died. Actually compared to Finland where schools were closed, Sweden only saw a quarter of the infections among school age kids. We also know kids suffered more from lockdowns than from the virus. So what do we know? We know that kids are largely unaffected by coronavirus. We know that herd immunity for COVID has a lower threshold because of the body's response to the common cold. Fauci himself has admitted that the T-cells protect many people from COVID! So you may actually be fine if you’ve had a cold recently!

We also know that according to some of the smart docs referencing at least two studies and contact tracing reports, asymptomatic people (AKA healthy people) RARELY spread the disease. We know that masks let small particles pass through and come with warnings that they are not effective in protecting you from viruses. Even the "pro-mask" crowd admits the mask is unlikely to be effective. We know that in at least two states, Wisconsin and PA, courts have found the executive order lockdowns to be unconstitutional. With all of this factual information, why have the New Jersey legislative Republicans not taken the governor to court over his trampling of our civil and economic liberty? Who speaks for New Jersey?

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