The governor has aggressively pursued a very radical, progressive agenda since taking office a few years ago. In his latest push to become a power player among far-left-wing activists currently running the Democratic party he, along with his accomplices in the legislature (mainly Steve Sweeney), decided it was appropriate to take more of your money and distribute it to the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

The federal government recently spelled out new rules and requirements for family planning and health services groups to follow in order to qualify for federal tax subsidies. Planned Parenthood refused to comply and instead received a gift of your tax money, which ended up totaling more than what they were going to get from the Feds.

This is not about the abortion issue, and where you may stand on it as a political issue. This is also not about religious beliefs even though many call out the blatant hypocrisy on display in the Governor's office. This is about the fact that the governor and his cohorts are clearly willing to say and do anything to further their own agenda. And they are eager to make you pay for it.

Between your tax dollars and law enforcement resources, all of us are being dragged into a political and moral battle that is inappropriate, unnecessary and wrong. Instead of focusing on the expected job of the top law enforcement guy in the state, #FakeCop Gurbir Grewal sued on behalf of the abortion provider's agenda. This is just one of a long list of lawsuits that exposes the fact that this administration is only focused on their own political power instead of making NJ affordable for working and middle class families.

Grewal's agenda has nothing to do with public safety nor is it about making NJ more affordable. He is clearly not concerned about the well being and safety of our law enforcement professionals given his aggressive 'sanctuary state' policies, which are a direct threat to your family nor is he concerned about the safety of you and your family. The AG has completely politicized the office of the Attorney General in a mad pursuit of political relevance and power. And Murphy is the chief enabler.

How is it acceptable that in a state where we have tens of billions of dollars in debt and unfunded future liabilities, we have a governor and AG throwing their weight around to pay for abortions? On the list of priorities, I'd say that even a pro-choice teacher would have to pause and ask why they aren't focused on spending less money so the state can keep it's promise to thousands of teachers rightfully fearful about their retirements.

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As far as the abortion issue itself, again, Trump gets assailed by the "resistance" agitators in Trenton without any thought of how many people suffer due to misinformation and political agendas. These victims have their voices shut down in the name of a political ambition and profits.

There are many sides of this ugly issue. My purpose here is to address the common theme that it is entirely wrong for your tax dollars to subsidize such a divisive issue taking only the very radical side and dismissing opponents and moderates who are simply sick and tired of political agenda's further bankrupting our state.

My friend Marie Tasy, who is the executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, has consistently given a voice to the voiceless, working tirelessly to expose the propaganda, which has misled so many women who choose a path they very quickly regretted. She has been a consistent advocate for taxpayers fighting against this egregious misuse of public money. Regardless of which ever side of the abortion debate you find yourself, it's important to hear the stories from some of the voiceless victims that politicians try to gag so their stories are never told.

On Wednesday, there was a rally at the State House marking the date of Jan. 22, which is the day of the Roe V. Wade ruling. Here are two videos of two strong women who made a choice that shaped the rest of their lives. Thank you to Teresa Martinez and Rosanda Grau for having the courage to share your story and for having the strength to inspire others. Wonder if Murphy's #BelieveWomen applies to Teresa and Rosanda?

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