The Powerball Lottery is now up over $850,000,000.

That's nearly a billion dollars.

A billion.

That's A LOT more money than most people will earn in several lifetimes

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The average American earns just under $2 million in a lifetime.

So, to have a windfall like this is unimaginable to most. And for many, it would not be the blessing that they think.

As a matter of fact, SEVEN out of TEN lottery winners end up bankrupt! For me, I'd rather have a small win.

A few extra dollars to pay some bills, maybe buy a car, or pay off a credit card debt.

As you know, the Jersey Cash Code Contest is back and you could win up to $30,000! Now that's a great amount to win. Doesn't change your life, won't create any new friends just looking for a handout.

It's a perfect win.

For me, I'd save a third, give a third to the kids and spend a third on a getaway.

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What would you do with $30,000?

Let me know on the NJ 101.5 app and you might hear your answer on the air!

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