It's a growing trend around New Jersey as more police departments streamline their ticketing process.

Police officer giving out a ticket (David Lentz, ThinkStock)
Police officer giving out a ticket (David Lentz, ThinkStock)

Many police departments are installing electronic ticketing systems with printers right in the patrol cars.

"It allows us to get more into the technological age, rather than use old hard copies," said West Orange Police Lt. John Morella. "The same information is entered as it would be on a regular hard copy, except it's done within the computer, and it almost looks like a receipt for a ticket."

Since most police cars have computers already, they are easily fit with the software and printer needed to make the process work.

Morella said the officers are big fans of the system, which cuts down on the amount of copies they would normally need to hand-write. They are also able to scan a motorist's license, which eliminates a lot of data entry.

"Some of the information is already stored within the computer itself, so it makes them easier for them to issue the tickets," Morella explained.

The entire process increases accuracy and streamlines the record-keeping operation.

Most importantly, officers are less occupied with minutia and paperwork and can put more time into patrolling streets.

There are very few drawbacks. Morella said if the system crashes or the network has to be reset, there is always old reliable plan B.

"Then, we just revert back to using the hard copy, for the time being, until the problem gets rectified."

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