The two biggest concerns on New Jersey's roads are distracted drivers and elderly drivers getting into accidents


The latest distracted driving accident occurred in Pittman, where 19-year-old Marissa Moreno of Gloucester Township was charged with illegally using a cellphone in a crash. Other distracted driving cases have happened in this area before.

An elderly driver was killed on the Tunny Bridge on Sunday afternoon. The 83-year-old man was killed after driving his car into a disabled vehicle in the right lane.

Based on these accidents, I’d like to pose a hypothetical question - would you be less worried about driving next to a twenty-something distracted driver in the left lane, or an elderly driver paying attention in the right.

The younger distracted driver in the left lane in this scenario could be texting, eating or drinking, putting on makeup, or even talking on a handheld device while driving. The elderly person in this question stays in the right lane paying attention, but is going much slower.

Which driver would you be less worried about and why?

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