You may have heard Big Joe's joke this weekend about the world's largest pizza having 9,000 lbs of cheese, can you believe it's true.


The Italians are back at the top for having the record for the World's Largest Pizza and get this, it's gluten free. Dr Schar, a company that produces gluten free food was the sponsor for this record breaking event. The idea was to raise awareness for food allergies such as Celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten proteins found in wheat, barely, and rye.

The gigantic pizza was made from 19,800 lbs of flour, 10,000 lbs of tomato sauce, 9,000 lbs of cheese, and 550 lbs of rock salt. It took 5 chefs over 48 hours to bake the dough in 5,000 different sections before assembling the 130ft pizza with the audience.

The event was held in Rome in mid December and word is they are still working on the leftovers.

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